Friday, 19 September 2014

How to Make a Bootable USB Using PowerShell !!!

Try to use powershell for all the command line operation instead of cmd. Be familiar in PS

  • Open PowerShell as administrator
  • Type Get-disk  To get the details of connected disk
  • Find out your Pen drive form the list

  • Mount-Diskimage -Imagepath <Imagepath> : To mount the ISO Image
  • Double click on Image if you are using Win-8  to mount the ISO

  • Clear-disk -number 1 -removedata
  • Be careful while selecting disk number
  • This cmdlet will clear the disk and remove all the data

  • Now we have to create New partition.
  • New-partition -Disknumber 1 -usemaximumsize -Isactive:$true
  • Make sure that Drive letter is assigned properly and then format the disk
  • Format-volume -Filesystem NTFS -Driveletter H

  • And below is the final step to make the drive bootable
  • Bootsect.exe /NT60 H:
  • This command will update the boot code on the partition

  • Pen Drive is now bootable
  • Open the ISO Image and copy all the files in to pen drive
  • Make changes in BIOS to boot from Pen Drive